Paykasa makes it simple


Paykasa is the most effective
and safest way to make online payments


Paykasa is your future
partner for online payments



Paykasa is offered without any extra costs


Paykasa is the safest and most effective method to top up your account


Your personal information is not required while using Paykasa

What is Paykasa?

Paykasa is a prepaid voucher that was specifically designed for online spending. Our aim is to provide a hassle free experience for the user.

Free without any extra costs

  • Issued in real time at face value
  • No fee deducted from face value

Simple and fast deposit

  • Prepaid value is stored and safeguarded by a unique 16 digit private PIN
  • The PIN is entered in the required field to deposit the value at preferred gambling website

Anonymity and privacy

  • No need to register
  • No paperwork to complete

Controlled spending

  • Fixed values of €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €150
  • Doesn’t expose player to risk beyond the value of the transaction
  • Maximum value €150
  • No partial redemption (full redemption only)
  • Private PIN on each Paykasa voucher for 100% security

How and where can you buy Paykasa?

We work with select few merchants and distributors but our network is expanding very rapidly

Purchase the Paykasa Voucher
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