What is Paykasa?

Paykasa is a prepaid voucher that was specifically designed for online spending. Our aim is to provide a hassle free experience for the user.

Is Paykasa safe?

PayKasa is the safest and most effective method to top up your account. Each Paykasa Vouchers have a unique and encrypted 16 digit voucher PIN code (Paykasa Voucher Code) for secure transactions. You must keep your Paykasa Voucher safe and protect it from access by unauthorized third parties. Do not give your Paykasa Voucher Code to any other persons, or use on any unauthorized website.

Do I need to register to get Paykasa?

Your personal information is not required while using Paykasa. No need to register. No paperwork to complete.

What are the values of Paykasa Vouchers?

Paykasa Vouchers come in the following denominations: €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €150, which can be purchased from our authorised resellers. Please always refer to Paykasa authorised resellers in order to purchase Paykasa.

Where and how can I purchase Paykasa?

The process of obtaining a Paykasa is very simple.
1. Go to any of the official Paykasa resellers.
2. Choose the value and number of vouchers you wish to purchase.
3. Pay for vouchers using your preferred payment method.
4. Once your payment is confirmed you’ll receive your voucher details in the form of the paper receipt.

How can I pay for Paykasa?

You can pay for Paykasa in your local currency via the most popular payment options available in your country of residence

Where can i use Paykasa?

Paykasa can be used at any of the hundreds of websites that offer Paykasa as a payment option. We are adding more sites all the time. If your favorite site doesn’t offer Paykasa, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help.

How can I deposit with Paykasa?

To deposit or pay online with your Paykasa voucher, once you reach the checkout page at the online store, simply choose Paykasa as your payment method, enter the 16-digit card number, and face value. You should see that your payment is confirmed instantly.

Are there any additional costs or charges when I make purchases using my Paykasa Voucher?

Please check the Participating Websites and their Terms and Conditions for any charges that they may apply for the use of the Paykasa Voucher as a payment method. When using the Paykasa Voucher to pay at Participating Websites, you should receive value at least equivalent to the face value of the Paykasa Voucher. Normally there is no cost.

How can I withdraw with Paykasa?

In order to withdraw your funds, login to your User Account and make a request. If you will chose Paykasa voucher as payout option, you will be provided with the valid for 12 months voucher for the value you have requested to withdraw.

Is it possible to top up a Paykasa Voucher?

They are one time use vouchers, and as such cannot be topped up. You simply buy a new one once used.

Who can use Paykasa Vouchers?

Anybody of age 18 or older can use a Paykasa Voucher; please note that a bank account is not required for Paykasa.